Under Design Mobile Apps

Below is our ever-growing list of mobile HTML5 apps. These are easy to install on your mobile device and look and act like regular apps, only they're simply grabbing the latest version of the code (HTML, JS) from our servers. All data is stored locally as cookies in your device browser - even we don't have a copy! Scan or click to run any of our HTML5 Apps on any device!

Barcode Keeper


Keep those dumb membership barcodes as apps on your smart phone, not plastic tags dangling off your keychain.



Keep your list of the deadbeats who owe you money (or vice versa) in one place.

Tip Split


Calculate grand total, tip and payouts on big restaurant tabs.

7 Minute Workout


Animated with audio timers a simple do-anywhere quick workout.

Dealer Split


Inspired by The Wire, and used to calculate markup on Marijuana street sales.

21 Today


Need to Check ID's? Quick daily reminder to who's 21 today!