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Tab Split

Tab Split is a free mobile web app that lets you quickly and evenly split Restaurant Checks evenly with other Diners. We don't care if they only had an appetizer, everyone is paying their fair share!

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Using this app is quick and easy! Type in the Check Total, then choose your Tip Amount and number of people splitting the check. Each value updates automatically with every change!

In the United States, it's customary to tip 15% on all meals. You can tip 20% or good service, and 25% for exceptional service. Tipping 10% and under is considered insulting, and should be in protest of bad service. If you had a exceptionally bad server/meal, the sure-fire message is to tip a single dollar.

No need to visit the App Store to install this freebie. Simply Add to your Home Screen for app-like functionality. This highly optimized HTML5 native app is compressed to smallest file size and locally cached so that it operates even without network access!

Hand crafted at Under Design, this is but one of many HTML5 apps available. This app was written with jQuery Mobile 1.2.1 using the Mobiscroll plugin for the scroll wheels. If you like this app, share it with your friends by scanning the QR code below or going to: