Stop using your feeble memory to store the list of deadbeats that owe you money! Use this free app! Add your first entry...


    IOU is a free app that lets you keep a running record of that growing list of deadbeats who owe you money. Stop trying to recall this trivial information, and delegate this task to our app!

    Using this app is quick and easy! Type in the friend deadbeat, and the amount owed debt (we accept negative values!), then "Better Pay Up" to add the knucklehead to your list. Removing a list entry takes two clicks; First touch to scratch it out, and again to delete.

    No need to visit the App Store to install this freebie: Simply Add to your Home Screen for app-like functionality. This highly optimized HTML5 native app is compressed to smallest file size and locally cached so that it operates even without network access!

    This App stores a lot of your personal private information, yet these details are never transmitted on the internet! All data is stored in your mobile device's browser cache. Any device resets will also delete the data as well!

    Did your deadbeat list disappear? This can happen when you change the browser instance. If you installed our app by saving it to your Home Screen, this creates a new browser instance, so it won't keep the list you made in the browser. The data is still in the local cache (revisit our site to see!).


    We love hearing your compliments, but will begrudgingly accept bug reports and criticisms. All fields are required.

    Feeling gracious and wanna start over? Clicking the button below will remove all the entries from this app immediately! It's like it's an all-new install!

    Data Reset

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